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Pablo started his career as professional photographer in 1990 in Madrid, Spain, at one of the most prestigious European image banks: Stockphotos, producing photographic material of different cities and towns in Spain.

At the same time, he did photographic reports for different

companies in Spain, USA, Mexico and Argentina, such as: Grupo Zeta Ediciones, Focus Ediciones, Editorial Hachette, Editorial Premiere, Televisa, Loft Magazine, Editorial Perfil, among others.

After living in Europe for 10 years, he returned to Argentina to produce and launch the magazine Camera Shots, focused on general photography and design. While he worked as an editor, he also contributed in the testing of photographic film and in workshops and photographic exhibitions for the prestigious German brand Agfa Geavert.

He did                  campaigns as well as print ads for different brands, such as:
Pepsi, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Lays, Black & Decker, Agfa, Pioneer, Casio, Nivea, Avia, Trek Bikes, Gotcha swim wear, and Dasani (Coca Cola) among others. He also contributed with             productions and biographies for Fashion TV international channel.

As of 2002, he began to work in nature photography, participating in photographic reports and campaigns about the orcas (Orcinus orca) in Península Valdés, the southern right whales (Eubalaena Australis),  and the southern elephant seals (Mirounga Leonina), among other animals. The Península Valdés and the Argentine Patagonia as a whole, including the Antarctica, all to be published in different books, and also in print public advertising.

As an editor, he edited two            : FEMME, about his work during 10 years in fashion exploring the sensuality of famous argentinian models women and the other one, WILD SOUTH PENINSULA VALDES PATAGONIA, about this particular and unique corner of the Argentinian Patagonia, its landscapes and wildlife.​

At the moment, Pablo’s work is focused on organizing and guiding photographers and nature enthusiasts in various places in Latin American countries such as Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia, Pantanal in Brazil, Galapagos in Ecuador and northern coast of Chile and Atacama Desert through his company 

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