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Wild South Peninsula Valdes-Patagonia Argentina

Wild South Peninsula Valdes Patagonia Argentina - fantastic images highlighting the beautiful wildlife and nature of the Peninsula Valdes. The book is the result of over 10 years of fieldwork at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unique biodiversity of the Peninsula Valdes has many different animals choosing this place to mate and give birth. Species such as the southern right whale, southern elephant seals, South American sea lions and Magellanic penguins are seen along the peninsula’s coast every year. But undoubtedly, the main attraction is the largest of the dolphins, the orca. Every March and April families of residing orcas visit the northeast coast to hunt South American sea lion pups. That as such is not necessarily a surprise, but Punta Norte at the Peninsula Valdes is the only place on earth where orcas intentionally strand on the beach to capture their prey. This phenomenon is a strong focus in the book, that also portrays southern elephant seal, southern right whales and South American sea lions as well as the beautiful landscapes and ever changing skies of the peninsula. The book is a tribute to the wildlife of this region and its players.



Format: 32 cm x 22 cmNumber of pages : 184                                                           Hard cover

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FEMME is the result of the last 10 years working with Argentine models. The images are sensual, sometimes erotic, but always taking care of the protagonists.This book  portrays some of the most famous models in Argentina, many of them captured at the beginning of their profession career.

It is the first book published in Argentina of this type and none of the images was ever published before, they all have been reserved for this project.

Format: 25 cm x 33 cm
Number of pages: 164
Hard cover

​To purchase this book, please send an email to:

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